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100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass

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100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass to Michigan's Adventure
100 Reasons to Have a Season Pass to Michigan's Adventure
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Don't Miss Out On the Fun

Join in all of the fun and thrills with a Season Pass!

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Why Should You Have a Season Pass to Michigan's Adventure?

Here are our 100 favorite reasons!

Make every day the best day ever! Unlimited visits to WildWater Adventure. Ride the legend... Shivering Timbers. Scream for all the right reasons... All season with unlimited visits!
Family friendly fun for all ages. Relax and have fun! Beat the summer blahs. Furry friends at Funland Farm.
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Benefits & Perks

1. Visit as often as you like with unlimited access to the park all season long.
2. Ride Valravn at Cedar Point with your Platinum Pass.
3. Bring your friends to the park with discounted Bring-A-Friend offers.
4. Your family will be excited about all of the fun they can have together.
5. Season Pass holders who renew their passes receive discounted pricing.
6. Short visits are easy; come anytime!
7. Visit every day and become a park expert.
8. Make every day the Best Day Ever!
9. Exclusive Access to the Season Pass Portal.
10. Save 10% on a cheeseburger, fries and a shake at Coasters.
11. Visit HalloWeekends at Cedar Point with your Platinum Pass.
12. Come and go like you own the place.
13. A Season Pass pays for itself in fewer than 3 visits.
14. Your visits will be more relaxing; no need to hurry to the next ride.
15. Stay for a few hours or stay all day - flexibility is your choice with a Season Pass.
16. Pay for your pass with low monthly payments, and enjoy the fun right away.
17. Enjoy a school band performance on the midway.
18. Walk the park and see if you can get 10,000 steps on your fitness app.
19. Save 10% on a new sweatshirt.
20. Platinum Pass holders park for free.
21. The more you visit, the better the value.
22. Better than a tanning membership.
23. Two parks, 105 days, limitless possibilities.
24. It is the best admission value available.
25. Perfect the art of soaking people with the Grand Rapids water cannons.
26. Self portraits: funny and unique, done right here at Michigan's Adventure.
27. Kids love to hug Snoopy.
28. Experience the best day of your summer…over and over again!
29. Choose your favorite lounge chair and make it your summer home.
30. Visit early season and beat the rush.
31. Early Entry to WildWater Adventure on select days.
32. Seasons pass, and seasons go, with our Season Pass, you can go go go!

Thrills & Attractions

33. Watch FunTV.
34. Chickens and goats and sheep, oh my! Visit the Funland Farm.
35. Get set to get wet!
36. You will learn what time of day your favorite ride has the shortest line.
37. Take flight on the Lakeside Gliders
38. Simulate flight on Thunderhawk.
39. After riding the coasters, walk over and cool off at one of our three wave pools.
40. The only place where you can ride a swan.
41. You can be in two locations at one time, you ride "Grand Rapids" in "Muskegon."
42. Unlimited visits to WildWater Adventure.
43. The only time you'll every want to be in a Snake Pit.
45. Ride your first coaster!
46. Mad mice, sea dragons, wolverine wildcats and elephants are not only found in zoos.
47. Float down our Lazy River.
48. Wacky Water Fun.
49. Experience RipCord.
50. March to the tune of the Drummer Boy.
51. Ride the legend…Shivering Timbers.
52. There goes Zach Zooming past Be-Bop Blvd. to reach Paradise for Pizza.


53. Meet Charlie Brown at the Snoopy Boutique.
54. Scream for all the right reasons…all season with unlimited visits!!!
55. Big Thrills for everyone.
56. Fun and friendly associates.
57. Family Friendly Fun for all ages.
58. Little thrills for the little ones.
59. Pop in on a Friday night and relax after a long work week.
60. Show your grandkids how it is done!
61. Take your sweetheart for a cruise on BeBop Boulevard.
62. Get sucked into the Funnel of Fear.
63. Your friends will be envious of all the fun you are having.
64. Hear them say, "My Grandma rocks!"
65. Take cool family photos in the park to post on Instagram and Facebook.
66. Never again hear "What can we do?" or "I'm bored!"
67. Relax and have fun!
68. Unlimited cooling off in the hot summer sun.
69. Be "The Best Grandpa Ever."
70. Fill your summer with memories to last a lifetime.
71. The gift that keeps on giving!
72. Become best friends with Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts family.
73. An early bed time for the kids after a day at the park.
74. Get a hole in one on every putt at Rocky Point Mini Golf.
75. Become a body slide expert and race your friends to the bottom.
76. Beat the high scores of every arcade game.
77. Start summer with a splash…Opening May 27th.
78. Great place to have a family reunion and not have to clean your house.
79. Equip your youngster to earn an A on her, "What I did on my Summer Vacation" assignment.
80. New in 2017-Half Pint Paradise for the little thrill seekers.
81. Selfies with Snoopy – the perfect Instagram post (no filters needed).
82. Kids hanging out with parents – yup – that happens here.
83. Losing your voice from screaming with your kids…  Now that’s a nice change.
84. Beat the Summer Blahs.
85. Keep your family tradition alive-visit every year with them.

Park History

86. Over 60 years of history…helping families build traditions and make memories!
87. Furry Friends at Funland Farm.
88. Shivering Timbers is one-of-a-kind and only at Michigan's Adventure!

Merchandise, Food and Beverage

89. Save 10% on Cotton Candy.
90. Save 10% on a new swimsuit.
91. Only Season Pass Holders can purchase All Season Dining.
92. Sit back, grab a snack and a cool beverage at one of our Beer Gardens.
93. Never be thristy with an All Season Refillable Souvenir Bottle…enjoy your favorite Coke products all season.
94. Funnel Cake is tasty any time of the day and Passholders save 10%.
95. Auntie Anne's pretzels are the best!
96. Stop by the park for dessert or ice cream.
97. The pizza are handmade at Wagon Pizza.
98. Fantastic Kettle Corn!
99. Try every flavor of Dippin' Dots.
100. Scream for Ice Cream in our waterpark.

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