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Take Your Wildwater Adventure Health Assessment & Book You Reservation through the Michigan's Adventure Mobile App!

Michigan's Adventure is Closed for the 2020 Season. See you in 2021!

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Before You Leave Home → When You Arrive → When You're in the Park

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Before You Leave Home

Staying safe means staying informed, and we want you to have essential information before you arrive.

WildWater Adventure Water Park will open with limited capacity so you can maintain proper social distancing from other guests. To ensure that happens, you must reserve your visit date online in advance. You must also provide information about the current health of family and friends coming with you to the park. Here are details about what to do, what to pack, and what you can expect.

What to Do Before You Leave Home

1. Reserve your date online.

  • Season Passholders and single day ticket guests are invited to schedule their visits through our online reservation portal or the Store tab on the Michigan's Adventure mobile app. All guests must reserve their visit prior to arriving at the park. Please note that your preferred visit date may not be available. 
    • If you have already purchased a ticket or a Season Pass, please have your ticket number or Season Pass number available. Select the quantity of reservations for your group. You may select up to 14 people. On the next screen, you will be able to select an available visit date for your group. Following the date selection, please enter your valid ticket number(s) or Season Pass number(s). Once the barcodes have been validated, you will be able to schedule your reservation(s). 
    • If you have not purchased a Season Pass yet, please purchase your Season Pass online or through our mobile app. Once you have the barcode number in your order confirmation, you will be able to make your online reservation. 
    • If you have not purchased a single day ticket yet, please purchase your ticket online or through our mobile app. You will select an available visit date as part of the purchase transaction. 
  • After you have made the reservation, you will receive a confirmation screen and shortly thereafter, an email confirmation. These will help you confirm that the transaction was processed. 
  • The reservation will be attached to your Season Pass or ticket and you will only need to present those to be scanned for entry. Please note that each person must have a valid Season Pass or ticket to enter the park in addition to the reservation. 
  • If you need to purchase a parking pass, we recommend you do so now to avoid paying at the parking toll booth. 

2. Complete the pre-entry health assessment.

  • On the day of your visit, open the mobile app and complete the Health Assessment Questionnaire. Only one questionnaire is required per group. Your responses will be cleared each night, so this must be completed each time you come to the park.
  • If your group does not pass the health assessment, we will ask you to reschedule your visit to a different date.

3. What to pack before you arrive.

  • Your Season Pass, mobile or printed tickets.
  • A face covering for each guest.
  • A mobile phone with the Michigan’s Adventure app downloaded and "Location Services" enabled. At least one person in your group must have this, but we recommend as many guests as possible have the app downloaded to their mobile device.
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Frequently Asked Questions