Story Ideas

Story Ideas

 There are many ways to share Michigan's Adventure & WildWater Adventure with your audience. Let us know how we can help you with your next story by contacting Michigan's Adventures Public Relations Department at 231.766.9959 or by e-mail at

Here Are Some Great Story Ideas

Families enjoy two great parks (Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure) for the price of one. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the park's website, including Pay Once, Visit Twice tickets. These tickets do not need to be used on consecutive days and cuts the cost of a visit while extending the time to experience everything Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure have to offer.

The majority of guests visiting Michigan's Adventure today reach for their keyboard before they reach for their car keys. The benefits of advance planning are readily available through the park's new e-commerce platform. Whether it's a ticket, daily parking, special food and beverage offerings, or game vouchers, they are easily purchased ahead of time, making a visit to the park better before it begins.

Roller coaster enthusiasts from coast-to-coast travel to Michigan in the summer in search of one thing: Shivering Timbers.  The longest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Michigan is full of thrill-inducing drops and high-speed turns.  Reaching speeds up to 65 mph, Shivering Timbers delivers an abundance of airtime for riders!  The ride is annually ranked as one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world by Amusement Today readers.