Special Dietary Needs


Michigan’s Adventure offers a variety of food products/concepts. The Food Service staff, with an ample time frame, is able to provide guests with any information needed in regards to the products we use and the food service locations that use those products. Any guests inquiring about specific dietary requirements are encouraged to speak to a Food and Beverage supervisor or manager for recommendations while visiting the park (this option is also available before hand via phone or email listed below). Those guests who suffer from sensitive or life threatening allergies are encouraged to pack a lunch if they do not feel comfortable with the food products available; however, we ask that guests allow us the opportunity to make every effort to create an enjoyable visit.

For more specific information, please contact our Foods Services Office at foodallergens@miadventure.com

  • Michigan’s Adventure does not offer specific menus for special diets. However many foods needed for special diets can be found throughout the park
  • Variety of fresh salads, fruits, and pizzas are available throughout the park

Gluten-Free Foods

  • Fresh-cut French Fries (Coasters)
  • French Fries (Wildcat Grill, Boardwalk Fries (cart) and Beach Bites)
  • Cotton Candy
  • All burgers and hot dogs without a bun
  • Turkey Legs
  • Variety of Dippin' Dots (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Cookies n Cream)

Locations Using Peanut Oil

  • Peanut oil is not used in any of food service locations. Our cooking oil is a proprietary blend of sunflower and other vegetable oils.

Locations That Use Nuts as Part of Their Product

  • Confection Connection
  • I Scream
  • Sundae at the Races
(This includes peanut butter fudge, Moose Track Dippin' Dots)

Locations serving Fish or Crustaceans (Shellfish)

  • No food service location serves fish or crustaceans.

Food items containing Soy

  • Buns for hotdogs and burgers
  • All Chicken items
  • Funnel Cakes and Funnel Cake Fries
  • Hand Twisted Pretzels
  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • Mini Donuts

Food items containing Eggs

  • Churros
  • Funnel Cakes and Funnel Cake Fries
  • Macaroni and Potato salads
  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • Mini Donuts
  • Hand Twisted Pretzels

Food items containing Milk

  • Pizza’s
  • Bosco Sticks
  • Dippin Dots
  • Funnel Cakes and Funnel Cake Fries
  • Hand Twisted Pretzels
  • Macaroni and Potato Salads
  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • Mini Donuts
  • Onion Rings
  • Mozzarella Sticks