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Enjoy 4-H Club Activities during 4-H Day at Michigan's Adventure

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4-H Day

4-H Day

4-H Day is offered to 4-H members, volunteers and families.

Are you looking for 4-H club events? Our 4-H Day is available to members of 4-H and their families or clubs only. Tickets purchased at the 4-H Day rate are non-refundable and are only valid on the event dates. Tickets must be purchased at the park on the day of your outing. 

Meal tickets are required and may be purchased along with your admission tickets. The menu consists of a hot dog, macaroni salad, chips and a soft drink. Guests may not bring food, beverages or coolers into the park. Only guests with meal tickets will be able to enter Mary Lynn's Group Catering Pavilions.  Wear your uniforms and show your pride in your organization! Please register for this 4-H club event in advance.