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Looking for Things to do with Kids? Bring Them to Charlie Brown Day at Michigan's Adventure!

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Charlie Brown Day

Charlie Brown Day

May 23rd, 2020

Get Admission for Only $25! 
On Saturday, May 23rd, Michigan's Adventure invites you to a day of fun at Camp Snoopy, and the rest of the park.  We will be paying homage to good ol' Charlie Brown, himself! Guests are encouraged to show love to everyone's favorite blockhead by sporting Charlie Brown's signature bright yellow zig-zag striped tee. Guests who dress up as Charlie Brown and visit the park on this day will receive admission for only $25.  

Charlie Brown Dress Requirements 
It's simple! Just wear a yellow zig-zag striped t-shirt, and receive admission for only $25 when you purchase admission at the front entrance. Homemade shirts are encouraged, so feel free to get creative! Please note that masks and face-painting are not allowed. Visit our blog to learn more about how to dress like Charlie Brown!  

So Many Charlie Browns! 
At 1:00 pm, all guests dressed as Charlie Brown will be invited to gather at the Tipping Canoe in Camp Snoopy for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Join us as a crowd of Charlie Browns poses alongside the boy of the hour.

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