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Zach's Zoomer

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Zach's Zoomer

Zach's Zoomer

Who says big fun is only for grown-ups?


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Who ever said big thrills are reserved only for big grown-ups? Pint-sized coaster enthusiasts will get a kick out of Zach’s Zoomer, a great first experience on a classic, wooden roller coaster. It may seem like a small ride, but don’t let the size fool you for a minute. This sought-after ride delivers all the thrills worthy of a world-class ride with a non-stop series of breathtaking dips, dizzying drops and sharp turns that will thrill even the most experienced coaster riders. From the moment they leave the station until they return, kiddos will be absolutely delighted and wanting to ride it again and again. Designed by the legendary John Allen of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Zach’s Zoomer will deliver memorable experiences that kids and their families will treasure for a lifetime.

Height Requirement: 46" minimum, or 40" and accompanied by a supervising companion

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Ride Safety Information

  • A junior wooden roller coaster with banked curves and airtime hills.
  • A shared lap bar is positioned above the laps of all riders in the row. A shared seatbelt secures guests across the thighs and pelvis. 
  • A shared lap bar is positioned above the laps of all riders in the row. A shared seatbelt secures guests across the thighs and pelvis.  
  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities. Two functioning arms are sufficient instead of three functioning extremities if the guest has a normal center of gravity and lower extremities are sufficiently strong to maintain proper riding posture under the dynamic conditions of the ride. Amputation(s) must be at the knee or below. 
  • Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collarbone, full or braced arm cast, or full leg casts are not permitted to ride.
  • Alternate access is available at the ride exit, where guests will encounter a ramp. Riders will have to transfer into the seat on their own or with the assistance of a companion. 
  • A transfer device is available upon request, which may assist a rider out of a wheelchair and into the ride unit.
  • Please do not use the ride restraints for support while entering and exiting, as they will shift. 
  • Warning: This ride contains strobe lighting.
  • Warning: This ride utilizes magnetic systems.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional Accessibility information.
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